Joziane’s Story

Joziane completed a school based traineeship in CII Sport and Recreation with Leisure Employment Australia during year 11 and 12.  After completing her HSC Joziane’s plan was to go to university to study Exercise and Sport Science.

Joziane heard about the Peak Fitness Trainer course provided by Australian Training Company and thought it was a good fit. She realised she could become a qualified personal trainer between completing her HSC studies and prior to commencing university.

Joziane completed the intensive Peak Fitness Trainer course in 4 months and went on to become a personal trainer.  This was the perfect part time job for her during university as she was able to work the hours that suited her and she was making much better money than working in retail or hospitality.  She was also getting practical experience relevant to what she was studying at university.

“I enjoy learning about health & fitness as well as participating, so working in an industry where I can evolve and grow my skills would be amazing”

– Joziane, on her reason for joining the Peak Fitness course