Job Outcomes

Certificate II Traineeship

  • Parks & Gardens

  • Nursery Retail or Wholesale

Certificate III Apprenticeships

  • Parks & Gardens

  • Nursery Retail, Wholesale or Operations

Certificate IV or Diploma

  • Diploma in Horticulture


Parks and Gardens

Working in residential, commercial and public gardens and parks, workers are responsible for maintaining lawns. Duties include planting, pruning, hedging, edging, controlling weeds and diseases, installing irrigation systems, identifying plants and soils.


Learn tasks in propagating, cultivating, maintaining plants, flowers and trees, grow seedlings in Retail or Wholesale nurseries. Retail nurseries provide customers with information to help them select and care for trees, watering and fertilising.

Did you know Horticulture is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia? This sector plays an important role in delivering economic, social and environmental value.
If you like getting your hands dirty, have a green thumb or love all things nature – a career in horticulture could be for you!

Don’t miss the chance to

Gain hands on practical experience while studying for a nationally recognized qualification


No fees and training is paid work time


Numerous occupations within the horticulture industry

horticulture Trainee

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Additional support services coordinated, if required

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