Erica’s Story

Why did you apply for the traineeship?

Being still fresh out of school and never having worked a proper full-time job, I applied for a traineeship to give me on-the-job experience while being able to study all the necessary skills I would need for professional work.


What was you previous work background?

Before Steel Builders, I worked casual (which then turned into part-time) in the Deli department at Coles. So I came from a customer service background.


What has the Certificate III and IV done to assist you at work?

Both certificates have done a lot to assist in my work, as every unit is connected to some aspect of my work life. They have given me a more in-depth understanding of the tools, skills, and knowledge I need for work.


Did you find the study easy?

I found the study quite easy to get through. Some units were a lot easier than others, and some a lot more difficult, but I found that connecting the content back to my own work experiences helped me get through it.


How has the host and your colleagues supported you?

Both my host and colleagues have provided so much support during my study, as they always made sure I had enough time to complete my work each week and would always be willing to guide me through the content I may not have understood very well.


Feedback you may have received from the trainer or your supervisor, other managers etc.

I have received nothing but positive feedback from my trainer, supervisor, and managers, as they were always stating I was on track with my work and provided satisfactory answers to the work.


Talk about when you first started and where you are now at Steel Builders.

When I first started at Steel Builders, it was quite daunting as it was my first proper full-time job. I was a lot quieter and would tend to overwork myself. Now, 2 years later I have built up more confidence in myself and the work I produce, while also knowing how to take better care of myself in terms of being a worker.


A comment from you about the value of the traineeship…

I highly value the traineeship and am incredibly grateful that I completed both the Certificates 3 and 4 in Business. These courses have provided me with the skills and knowledge I need to know as a professional worker and have also built up my confidence as a worker who is just starting a professional career.