Curious about a career in construction?

Connecting Women to Trades is a NSW Government initiative that supports women to take their first steps into a trade career.

The project will focus on an introductory trade experience through accredited and non-accredited training. There will also be targeted career and employment information.

Ana using the Drop Saw

ATC is offering a pre employment course in October/ November 2022 across three locations, Bega, Queanbeyan and Wollongong. The program will give female participants an initial understanding of the building and construction industry.

  • Bega Program

    10th – 21st October

  • Queanbeyan Program

    4th – 17th November

  • Wollongong Program


Tracy Harrison
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Karyn Hunter
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Brett Dowd
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What does the course include?

The course consists of a blend of accredited and non accredited training over a 2 week period that will equip participants with training that includes:

  • Use carpentry tools and equipment
  • Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (White card)
  • Fitness for construction
  • Issue of personal protective equipment
  • Resilience
  • Working in a team
  • Job seeking skills
  • Industry guest speakers

Pillars of action

  • Increase the appeal of trades to raise women’s level of participation

  • Facilitate change to remove cultural and societal barriers

  • Support women’s learning to maximise vocational outcomes

                Desired outcomes

  • Boost awareness of the social
    and economic benefits of a
    career in trades
  • Improved exposure of trade
    pathways for women
  • Greater visibility of female
    trade ambassadors

               Desired outcomes

  • Greater numbers of women
    taking part and completing
    vocational education training
  • Development of skills that
    lead to a career in trades
  • Increased awareness of
    gender discrimination across
    workplaces in all trades sectors

      Desired outcomes

  • Confidence to enter training
    and employment in trades
  • Stronger career networks
    between industry, employers
    and women in NSW
  • Reduced financial barriers
    that deter women from
    entering trades

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